What A Coach Does

Hi! I’m Ariel and I’m a Life Coach and Health Coach. If you’re like most people, you’ve never worked with a coach before. And you might not be sure what exactly a coach does. So whether you’ve been thinking about hiring a coach or just curious what a coach does, I’m here to set the record straight. I’ll walk you through what a coach does, dispel a few common myths and share with you the type of coaching I do. Because there are different types of coaching styles.

My Misconceptions

For most of my life, coaching was something I had never known much about. I knew what a sports coach did. But all those other coaches, I had no clue. I also had a lot of assumptions like:

  • Coaches are weird spiritual gurus for rich people who have money to waste
  • Health Coaches are basically Instagram models who are fake Registered Dietitians
  • Health Coaches just hold you accountable to your diet. My friends could do the same

Not very positive assumptions on my end. Before I walk you through what my type of coaching is, I want to bust up a few of these myths.

Spiritual Gurus

Some coaches are more spiritual or “woo-woo”. But that is a certain type of coach. Not inclusive of all coaches. Many people want to have a better relationship with spirituality. Or want to get in tune with more alternative views of living that make them feel more whole.

After meeting several coaches who would fall into the spiritual niche, I learned that they serve their clients in a way that benefits what those clients are looking for. Just because I don’t have this need doesn’t mean it is a waste of money for the person paying. Many of these clients have life changing growth through a deeper spiritual connection. And who am I to say that’s wrong?

Fake RD’s

A Registered Dietitian has gone through extensive training on how to recommend a certain way of eating. They are well versed in how to eat for certain conditions and I would never compare myself to one. What I do as a coach is completely different.

I don’t tell you what to eat. Although, I do help my clients with general guidelines of healthy eating. But more importantly, I work with my clients to find a way of eating that feels right for each of them individually. A way of eating that’s sustainable for life, helps them lose weight and leaves them satisfied.

I believe that you know your body best. There is no one fit solution for how to eat. But I help my clients separate the cravings from the hunger so they can really get in tune with what feels right for their body.

Accountability Myth

This is probably the biggest myth when it comes to coaching. And it’s because so many coaches offer accountability as their main selling point. Although I check in with my clients on how they’re doing with their goals, this is such a minor piece of what I do that I barely mention it.

Accountability is easy to find. You could post on Facebook that you are going to lose 20 pounds by December and announce that you will do a weigh in every Friday. There you go. Accountability done.

The reason I make accountability such a minor part of my coaching programs is that having someone else be accountable for your actions isn’t sustainable. I teach my clients how to hold themselves accountable because at the end of the day, you can’t post on Facebook every time you want to do something new. And caring about what others think of you, is not a great motivator. If it was, you would’ve solved your weight loss problem with a few posts.

But learning how to hold yourself accountable to your actions without beating yourself up will make you unstoppable with your weight loss goal and any other goal you want to achieve.

This plays back into how I am different than a Registered Dietitians too. Anyone can tell you what to eat, I show you how to follow through with your plan. How to break old habits and make new habits last so you can consistently take the actions that will get you to your goal. 

Causal Coaching

There are also a lot of coaches out there with many different approaches. I offer causal coaching. It’s very similar to the holistic medicine movement that has been gaining popularity in the past decade. Casual coaching simply means, I work with my clients to treat the cause of their problems, not the symptoms. I’ll walk you through how this relates to weight loss.

When a client comes to me saying they want to lose weight, I don’t focus on telling them what to eat. Instead, I show them why they are overweight in the first place. This is the answer to why they keep overeating.

There are many answers to that question and I explore them in depth with my clients. It could be that they eat to avoid stress and boredom. Maybe it is from insulin resistance and hormones being out of whack. They could be overeating out of acceptance of societal norms or habits that they don’t notice. Or even because their brain is seeking a consistent dopamine hit from highly processed foods.

Thought Work

This is another crucial component to coaching. If not THE crucial component. Thought work is related to causal coaching. Because our thoughts are the most important part of our success. This might sound suspect but I’ll walk you through a quick example.

If you want to lose 40 lbs., your thought about this goal will determine your success. If your thought about this weight loss goal is, this is going to be so much work, then you’ll probably feel exhausted before you even start the weight loss. But on the other hand, if your thought is, this time is going to be different because I’m trying a new approach, then you’ll feel a lot more hopeful. And someone who starts a goal hopeful is much more likely to succeed than exhausted.

This is a simple mindset example. But thought work can get super deep into the underlying thoughts you don’t even notice are there. Like, I can’t order the salad because then my coworkers will think I’m a buzz kill.

My job as a coach is to show you your mind, what it’s creating for you in your life, and help you decide how to change your thinking if it’s not working for your goals.

Coaching Isn’t Just Weight Loss

The common theme with all of my clients is that the work we do together never just impacts their weight loss. They end up using causal coaching and thought work to improve all other areas of their life.

We also work on other areas of their life together. Because if a client keeps on stress eating because she feels overwhelmed by all of her responsibilities, it’s crucial to address both why she is choosing to reach for food as well as decreasing the overwhelm in her life. This is where Health Coaching meets Life Coaching.

Coaching is life changing work. And I speak from experience. I’ve worked with Life Coaches and learned how to coach myself to become a master at managing my mind to achieve any goal I want. Including my first goal of losing weight without dieting. And I teach my clients how to do the same.

Learning how to coach yourself is a valuable tool that will change your life.

Like I mentioned, coaching with me is not another diet. It’s a complete shift in your relationship with yourself and food. If you’re interested in learning more about my coaching programs, CLICK HERE. If you’re ready to apply, sign up for a discovery call by CLICKING HERE. On the call we’ll see if you and my signature program are a perfect fit.


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